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Grand Cougars Club

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aka Grandparents Club (Since 2015)


Mission Statement: The Brookhaven Academy grandparents club, also known as the GrandCougars Club, provides support and services to further the mission of the school as a Christian educational center. Grandparents serve as an additional support system in academic, spiritual, social and personal growth and development by involvement in the lives of children who attend Brookhaven Academy.

Also, grand aunts, grand uncles, and grand friends are welcome to join the Grand Cougars Club!

► Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month at noon at BA. 

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At Brookhaven Academy, we understand the important bond between a grandparent and grandchild. We want our grandparents involved in the education of their grandchildren, whether they are helping with homework, volunteering on campus, or attending an athletic or arts event.

Grandparents are an incredible educational resource and connection to their grandchildren. It is only fitting that our grandparents get to know BA and share in the educational adventure that their grandchildren are experiencing.  We hear it all the time, “Not all of us get their news from Facebook!”

The Grand Cougars Club, otherwise known as our grandparents club, meets on campus on the 2nd Monday of each month at 12p.m Noon. No meetings in May or June. Our annual grandparent’s day events, Thanksgiving Feast and Day of Arts, are always well attended so keep an eye out for the dates and times.

How you can get involved: Are you a retired teacher? You could enjoy the very rewarding activity of reading to our kindergarten and elementary students. You could even help tutor our students. Have you traveled our great country or even tripped around the world? Share those stories with our social studies classes. Real-life experiences and firsthand accounts help our students learn. This club will meet often and open every meeting by praying for our students, teachers and staff. 

God gives everyone special talents, and we would love for these talents to be shared with our students. Show and Tell is such a popular event for our elementary and we would love for you to get involved. The same could be said for Career Day.

Are you an Armed Forces veteran, a musician, a game warden, a storyteller, a fundraiser, an artist, a financial advisor, a baker, a photographer, a writer, a business owner or any other interesting profession? Then you have much to share with the next generation of BA students. 

We know you are proud of your grandchildren and now you can be involved in their education process like never before! Contact Brian Emory at 601-833-4041x22.

2021-22 School Year Officers: 
Debbie Smith, President
Gloria Ratliff, Vice-President
Elaine Brewer, Secretary
Jimmenette Phillips, Treasurer
Current Committee Chairs: 
Martha Lofton, Prayer and Encouragement
Ramona Smith, Volunteerism

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