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Uniform Policy

FAQ's for Uniform Policy


1.Why did the board approve a uniform policy as opposed to the current dress code:

►Recommended by the administrative council
►Research based benefits – enhanced security for student body (recommended by law enforcement in the event of an active/hostile situation to quickly and easily identify BA students), enhance sense of pride and unity among students, increasing trend among public and private schools alike including many MAIS schools of similar size, demographics, and socio-economic status including Simpson Academy, ACCS, Central Hinds, etc.
►Reduce  opportunity for potential bullying as a result of a status-based competitive environment among students based on dress
►Enhance perception of and quality of learning environment
►Further develop brand awareness and market distinction regarding the Brookhaven Academy value proposition in the educational marketplace

2.What process was followed by the board in arriving at the decision to move from dress code to uniform policy?

►After being presented with the recommendation from administration, the board tabled the recommendation to allow board members time to review the proposal material.  
►The board discussed the proposal over the course of several consecutive monthly meetings during 2013.  Subsequent meetings included a period of discussion, including Q&A with the administration, regarding the merits of a uniform policy and the timing of implementation if adopted. 
►The board ultimately decided to adopt a uniform policy for the primary reasons noted above and to implement during the 2015-2016 school year, effectively giving parents a one – year period to absorb any initial costs and ask questions as well as giving the administration an opportunity to provide clarity as necessary and make necessary adjustments to the policy. 

3.Why Land’s End exclusively?

►Consistency in the uniform  (i.e., color, style, etc.)
►Quality of product
►Potential of up to 6% purchase rebates to BA
►Guaranteed Return policy  for any reason at any time
►Competitive pricing and frequency of sales promotions to further reduce costs
►Inventory availability - Ability of LE to handle the volume on a consistent, year round basis

4.Were other options considered for suppliers and/or required items? 

Yes, the board initially considered other suppliers (Parker Uniforms, local vendors, etc.) as well as further concessions in required items (e.g., outerwear) based on recent feedback. This issue was appropriately referred to the Activities and Education sub-committee of the board for review and recommendation. The committee recommendation to the board was to remain with Land’s End as exclusive supplier and for outerwear to be included in the required items based on several factors noted above as well as to minimize the subjective nature of policy enforcement required by teachers and administration. The board approved the recommendation with a majority 9-3 vote.

5.What items are included in the uniform policy?

►All Items shown on the Brookhaven Academy section of the Land’s End website are available for purchase as approved items under the uniform policy/dress code including:

-Polo/Golf Shirts
-Girls Plaid Jumpers
-Outerwear (including sweatshirts & fleece pullovers/jackets)
-Khaki and plaid pants/skirts/shorts***

 ***Khaki Pants/Skirts/Shorts/Shoes/Belt/Accessories may be purchased from vendor of choice and must follow the dress code.  If purchased from Land’s End, items are already approved under dress code.

6.Are uniform items required to have the BA logo as part of the uniform requirement? Yes, the logo is required on shirts and outerwear.

7.When will students be required to wear uniforms? Uniforms will only be required during normal school hours unless otherwise specified by the activity sponsor or teacher if off campus or after normal school hours.

8.When does the policy take effect? The uniform policy takes effect in the 2015-2016 school year

9.Will required uniform items be available in the Cougar Store? The board encourages the Cougar Store to explore the feasibility of purchasing items for resale by taking advantage of periodic discounts offered by Land’s End and reselling at the discounted price. The timing and quantity of such purchases as well as availability of inventory would be subject to the discretion of Cougar Store management. Please note that Land’s End return policy MAY not apply to items purchased through the Cougar Store.

10.Will “Uniform Swap/Resale” among BA families be available? Yes, uniform items already purchased from Land’s End may be sold for reduced prices and/or passed down among BA families as size requirements change and items become available. This is an effective practice to further reduce uniform costs that is common among many schools with uniform requirements. Additional avenues (e.g., special/designated sale day at school, website button, PTL involvement, etc.) to facilitate this “marketplace” among BA families are being explored. Please note that Land’s End return policy MAY not apply to items purchased through the Uniform Swap/Resale.

Note: Additional questions which may come up can be brought to the Administration’s attention with those most commonly asked, captured and communicated as an addendum to this initial list.